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Hmong twisting hemp fibres (Hmong textile study)


The earliest amulet in fish form made from a big bird nail, which excavated in Du Sang rock-shelter (Kim Boi, Hoa Binh, Vietnam) in ca. 18.000 years ago


Studing on the dongsonian bronze drum excavated in burial field Dong Xa (Kim Dong, Hung Yen, Vietnam)


The dongsonian bronze drum excavated in burial field Dong Xa (Kim Dong, Hung Yen, Vietnam) in detail.


The S.E.M image to look for prehistoric bacterien from a Dongsonian ramie cloth fabric. > Cooperation

- During 2001 - 2006 three times Dr. Nguyen Viet received the Grands from Sumitomo Foundation for his and his co-workers comparative research projects : Metallurgy among Dong Nai and Yayoi cultures, Cultural addaptations during Mid-Holocene Sea Transgression in the Jomon and Dabut cultures, Bronze Mirros during Han periods in Vietnam and in Japan. The research resultes were published under book, CESEAP Publications Series and several articles in scientific journals or conference proceedings. Dr. Nguyen Viet instroduced a lot of vietnamese scientist to apply for such Grand of Sumitomo Foundation.

- A longterm project concerning to research prehistoric textile in Vietnam had collected many national and international scientists. The Australian teams came to excavated together with vietnamese CESEAP/IA teams at dongsonian sites in Dong Xa (Hung Yen prov) and Yen Bac (Ha Nam prov) to collect more in situ materials of funeral texttil. The project leads to conservation project for waterlogged wood as well as other organic findings. The japanese researchers from Showa University paid attentions to look for native materials, from which the cloth made.

- The human skeletons of CESEAP with Hoabinhian, Dongsonian, Tran (12th-13th centuries) and Le (17th century) skulls and long bones were interested by many japanese, australian and german anthropologists. Many samples from those collections were sent to international laboratories for the cooperative research projects.

- The conservations for archaeological organic materials are focused by CESEAP team and many foreign researchers. The National Australian Museum sent its team to conservated succefully with CESEAP team the waterlogged wood dugout canou coffin excavated at Dong Xa 2004. Professor Elisabeth Peacock from Trondheim University, Dr. Tran Quoc Khoi from French CRA visited CESEAP laboratory in 2005, 2007 to discuss a international project for conservation of archaeological and museological organic materials in Vietnam    

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