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The most famous hoabinhian cave of Xom Trai (Lac Son, Hoa Binh, Vietnam)


Studio via modern X-ray film to controle relationship between facial sorf tissues and facial bone (Project : Facial reconstruction for prehistoric human skulls)


Some CESEAP members and staffs are together by former State President of Vietnam Tran Duc Luong during his visit 2nd May 2008 in Hoabinhian cave of Xom Trai (Hoa Binh)


PEG-treating in conservating a dongsonian dugout log coffin of 2300 years old


Bach Dang poles discovery > Activities

Main scientific activities since 1999
Surveys and Excavations
1- Surveys for prehistoric Metallurgy in Dong Nai area (Southern Vietnam), which sponsored by Sumitomo Foundation (2000). The surveys aimed to collect materials in local region for a comparative study with Japanese Yayoi culture. Results are reported in a book completed by Nguyen Giang Hai.

2- Publishing first book writen by Ta Duc about Dongsonian images (1999) and starting "CESEAP - Publication Series"

3- Surveys in Hoa Binh to looking for hoabinhian basal stone resource and valleys system rounding foot-terraces of Kim Boi basal-granit massif (2000-2001) and in Vien Nam massif (Quoc Oai, Ba Vi areas).

4- Survey and excavating in the "prehistoric rock-art site" in Sa Pa, prov. Lao Cai (2001-2003). The survey and excavation resultes are published in "Rock-Art Sapa", Hanoi, 2007.

5- Archaeological and Geological Surveys and excavatings at bronze age Dongsonian sites of Chau Can (prov. Ha Tay), Dong Xa (prov. Hung Yen) to collect materials for ancient textile, organic funeral objects and palaeoenvironment in wetland archaeological conditions (2000 – 2002) in a co-operation with japanese geologist (Publ.Series No 05-2002).
6- Archaeological surveys and excavations in Yen Hung (Quang Ninh) and Thuy Nguyen (Hai Phong) for project of Lach Truong culture – the cultural changes from Dongson culture under influences of Nan Yue and Han cultures (2002-2003) (Publ. Series No 03-2002) 
6- Archaeological surveys and excavations for Hoabinhian projects : Summer-Autum 2004 in Du Sang rock-shelter and Xom Trai cave (Publ. Series 04-2005).
7- Archaeological surveys, excavations and conservations for the dongsonian sites of Dong Xa (Hung Yen) and Yen Bac (Ha Nam) – co-operated with the Australian National Unis (ANU) and the Australian National Museum Canbera (Jun 2004 – Jun 2005)(Publ. Series No 3-2007)
8- Archaeological surveys for rockshelter and caves with 11-15 centuries log-coffin burials in Quan Hoa (Thanh Hoa) and Moc Chau (Son La) (2006-2007)
9- Archaeological surveys and excavations in Man Bac area (Ninh Binh), in Ha long Bay and in Da But culture area for project of Middle Holocene Palaeoenvironment and Cultural Addaptation sponsored by Sumitomo Foundation 2004 (Publ. Series No 2-2005)
10- Archaeological surveys and excavations in cooperations with Taiwanese archaeologist in Hoa Loc, with National University Hanoi at Dong Khoi and with the Museum of Vietnamese History at Xom Ren for a study on the first rice growing societies in Vietnam  (Publ. Series No 2-2007).
11- ArchaeoEthnobotanical surveys in Homeland of the Hoabinhian area (the districts rounding Kim Boi basal massif) until altitude of 1000m obove sea level. Ethnobotanical research project which’s sponsored by National University Hanoi and Pham Huy Thong Museum (2005-2006) (Publ. Series Nos. 03,04,05,06,07-2008)
Colloqiums and conferences
- ”The First Generation of Vietnamese Archaeology”(Mus.of Ethnology, Hanoi, May 2001), prepairing for a publication “History of Vietnamese Archaeology”,
- “The Dongsonian Fabrics excavated from dugout log-coffin of Chau Can and the Ancient textile in Vietnam” (Mus. of Ethnology, Hanoi, Jun. 2001)(Publ. Series No 01-2005) ,
- “Palaeoenvironment in Vietnam”(Mus. of Geology, July 2001)
- “The results of Palaeoenvironmental Studies in the Dongsonian site of Chau Can”(Inst. of Archaeology, Hanoi, Dec. 2001) (Publ.Series No. 02-2002)
- “Hemp fibre plant (Canabis Sativa) in Vietnam – in the Past, Today and in the Future” (Mus. of Ethnology, Hanoi, April 2004)(Publ. Series Nos 03,04,05,06-2004).
- “Geophagia in Vietnam : Past, Today and Future” (Mus. of Ethnology, Hanoi, April 2006)(Publ. Series No 01-2006)
-  Pham Huy Thong Museum is found by CESEAP since 2001 as one activity of the Pham Huy Thong foundation. The Museum focuses in two major duties : a- Collecting archaeological and antique sample objects, which help researchers and collectors materials to understaend systematicaly and laboratory for such kind of  object. b- Applying the traditional and modern techniques for conservations of museum objects, specialy of archaeological organic objects. The Museum contains more than 5000 items of Hoabinhian palaeolithic, Dabutian, Phung Nguyen horizon, Dongsonian, Tran - Le dynaties. The best collections are ancient, Muong and H'mong textile, ancient human skeletons, hoabinhian stone tools and no-tools, plant and animal food remains, 12nd-15th centuries ceramics. The display rooms and laboratories of the Museum located in Yen Hung (prov.Quang Ninh, tel : 033 218 436)
- CESEAP applied and developed the new excavation techniques to collect much as possible informations from archaeological sediment (soil, insects, micro and macrobiology...) and used sciences for conservations, of them are best ones  : a- wetland archaeological fabrics and organic finding conservation, and b- Ancient human soft faces reconstruction basing on their skulls.

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